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# Our Team
# Our Team

Our specialized and experienced staff

We believe in providing the best possible care for all our existing patients and encourage new patients to take advantage of the service we offer.

Dr. Afrim Papraniku

General dentist
The founder of the PRODENT clinic.
Specialty: Dental prosthetics
Hobbies: History books and vacations in Dermia.

Dr. Spec. Krenar Papaniku

Specialist në kirurgji orale
Director of PRODENT.
Specialty: Dental implants and aesthetic crowns
Hobbies: Hiking and skiing

Dr. Tunus Papraniku

General dentist
Specialty: Orthodontics and aesthetic crowns
Hobbies: Running and basketball

Dr. Rrezarta Gjikolli - Papraniku

General dentist
Specialty: Facial aesthetics and endodontics
Hobbies: Fitness and aerobics

Dr. Milan Mihajlov

General dentist
Specialty: Endodontics and restorative dentistry
Hobbies: Music and volleyball
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