The following shows a list of rights which you as a patient have at a dental clinic:

A high standard of care, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, sex, religion, age or ability.
To be treated with respect and highly professional courtesy, as well as ethical and moral behavior by your dentist.
Complete access and updated information about your dental health and treatment options. This includes knowing the risks, benefits and alternatives before you agree to proceed. You also have the right to be informed on how your dental health will be affected if you choose to not have any treatment.
To be informed regarding your dentists consideration on an optimal treatment plan that is specific for your needs.
To get an estimate of payment for all treatment, and to ask if you can decrease treatment plan to adapt your finances and time.
To refuse any treatment, including treatment that is already underway.
That the treatment is completed in an efficient and proper time.
Seek help in case of a dental emergency.
To follow all appropriate protocols infection and sterilization.