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Because your teeth look beautiful, we recommend flossing, brushing your teeth twice a day, and appreciating Zoom home care.

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Implants feel like the most natural and a safer method than other methods that replace missing teeth, such as dentures.

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Enjoy dental care through our precision, skill and experience

Dr. Afrim Papraniku

General dentist

The founder of PRODENT clinic.
Специјалност: Dental prosthetics
Hobby: Historical books and holidays in Dhërmi.

Dr. Spec. Krenar Papraniku

Oral surgery specialist .
Head of PRODENT.

Specialty:Dental implants and aesthetic crowns
Hobby: Mountaineering and skiing

Dr. Tunus Papraniku

General dentist

Specialty:Ортодонција и естетски коронки
Hobby:Трчање и кошарка

Dr. Rrezarta Gjikolli - Papraniku

General dentist

Specialty: Facial aesthetics and endodontics
Hobby: Fitness and aerobics

Dr. Milan Mihajlov

Oral surgery specialist

Specialty:Endodontics and restorative dentistry
Hobby:Music and volleyball